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Dr Matt Boyd

Matt our research director founded Adapt Research in 2015 and leads each project. He collaborates with research assistants, expert peer-reviewers, and subject matter experts according to the question you want answered.

Our goal at Adapt Research is to tailor research personally for each client, bringing together the right skill set for each project, to generate the right answers to strategic questions.

A doctor by training, Matt became interested in the relationship between technology and human nature. He completed his PhD in philosophy, writing about the interplay between technology, evolution, information and psychology.

See Matt explain how As we build our world we build our minds

As co-leader of the AI Forum NZ‘s Working Group on ‘Growing the AI Talent Pool’ and contributor to the working group ‘AI: Law, Ethics and Society’, Matt keeps abreast of technological developments

Matt is also a member of ISPOR NZ, the Australasian Medical Writers Association , the Public Health Association of New Zealand, and the International Union for Health Promotion and Education.

Key projects that shaped Matt’s experience include:

  • Establishing the human and economic burden of multiple myeloma in New Zealand
  • Systematically searching for evidence and updating the Health Quality and Safety Commission’s 10 Topics in Reducing Harm from Falls.
  • Developing the content and logic underpinning Inferscience’s advanced clinical decision support algorithms.
  • Implementing an evaluation research programme for the Multidisciplinary Operating Room Simulation project (MORSim), thereby improving approaches to teamwork and patient safety in the operating room
  • Further developing the cost-effectiveness model for the BODE3 colorectal cancer screening modelling project, which determined the cost-effectiveness and long-term impact of faecal occult blood testing.
  • Producing methodology documentation and project plans for the New Zealand Ministry of Health and National Health Committee’s approach to strategic investment (as Senior Advisor)

Under Matt’s leadership Adapt Research brings together experience, knowledge and understanding across the fields of medicine, philosophy, technology, education, psychology and government.

The research we do for you considers long-term change, and the social, technological and evolutionary processes that occur in real time in our world.

Our work adheres to exemplars of good research practice and guidelines for analysis.