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Our Aotearoa NZ Catastrophe Resilience Project (NZCat) runs Nov 2022 – Nov 2023.

Adapt Research performs independent and bespoke research. We aim to deliver high-quality evidence that informs strategic questions about health, technology and global catastrophic risk.

We specialise in producing evidence-based resources, reports, and research papers and have a strong record managing and executing the research process from planning to publication.

Our research director Matt is a medically qualified senior researcher with a PhD in philosophy.

We’re particularly interested in work on island refuges for mitigating catastrophic risks and the process of national risk assessment. A current major project examines New Zealand’s resilience to nuclear winter-type scenarios.

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Watch Matt’s lightning talk on National Risk Assessment at the 2022 Cambridge Conference on Catastrophic Risk here (7 min), or listen to Matt interviewed about nuclear winter on Radio NZ (23 min).

See Matt’s peer reviewed publications here (h-index 19, i10-index 30).

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