Resilience Project

High-level overview of the resilience project

Island refuges could protect against existential risks

Appropriately prepared islands could ensure some populations survive certain kinds of existential or global catastrophic threats.

Well prepared island refuges could preserve industrial society and accelerate recovery from extreme catastrophes. Such catastrophes might include nuclear winter or extreme pandemics.

Islands might allow recovery in a way that bunkers harbouring fewer people with more limited technology and expertise would struggle to do.

New Zealand and Australia are candidates as persisting ‘nodes of complexity’.

However, our analysis of the impacts of nuclear winter on New Zealand suggests preparations are needed to offset the impact of trade isolation.

You can read the motivation for this project in our paper on islands and nuclear winter, and see our previous work on global catastrophic risks here.

Our new project the Aotearoa New Zealand Catastrophe Resilience Project seeks to develop a strategy and plan for building resilience to these scenarios.

We are engaging the public sector, industry, think tanks, and academia.

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